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Fast Racks are the #1, Do It Yourself wine rack kit in the United States. All Fast Racks are proudly handcrafted in America, by dedicated wood-working professionals. They mix and match with other wine rack solutions we offer in the Fast Racks Series. Height options from 6.5’ – 9’.

The Fast Rack Series is also available with an Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Black or Burgundy stain, and you can add a beautiful satin finish to any of the stain selections. The Fast Rack Series heights and capacity can be increased from 6.5 ft. to 9 ft. by adding our Extender Series. Our Extenders are easy to assemble and integrate seamlessly with other Fast Rack wine racks.

Available in 1-10 Column widths, the 750ml single bottle storage rack openings include 3 ½” x 3 ½” inside dimensions. The 1-10 column wide options are available with or without our High Reveal Display Row.

Also available, 4 Column Curved Corners, Magnum and Split Bottle options, Bulk Storage Bins, Wood Case Bins and a selection of Tasting Tables and Display components to round out the Fast Rack Series by Coastal.


Available in Pine or Redwood, Fast Racks are 6.5ft high and made in the USA. They arrive at your door fast. Most orders ship in about 1 week. And, there are no shipping charges!

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