The Double Deep Series measure 74” tall. Extenders are available to increase the overall height to 85” or 95”, thus increasing the bottle capacity as well. The extenders are available in a single bottle or bulk bin formats, allowing storage options not found with other manufacturers. Experience firsthand the furniture quality appearances and time honored techniques that go into creating all of our semi-custom and custom cellarage.

Available in 1-10 Column widths, our 750ml single bottle storage rack openings include 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” inside dimensions. The 1-10 column wide options are available with or without our High Reveal Display Row. Also available, true radius Curved Corners, 2 Column Magnum and 2 Column Split Bottle options, Bulk Storage Bins, Wood Case Bins and a selection of Tasting Tables and Display components.


Our Double Deep Series wine racks offer twice the capacity, compared to the standard single deep racks. These racks allow two wine bottles to be stored one behind the other.

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