Individual Half Wine Rack with Table Top

Individual Half Wine Rack with Table Top

Add a Counter Space to your Wine Cellar Racks


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Wine cellar racks come in various styles, materials, and storage capacities. Avid wine collectors will most likely look for wine racks that cannot only store their favorite wines, but also provide a space for wine tasting, decanting, pouring, dining, and a lot more functions. Here at Coastal, we do offer a wooden wine rack that has all of these functions.

Our Individual Half Wine Rack with Table Top is a perfect choice for storing, decanting, tasting, and perhaps taking an inventory. This wooden wine rack consists of a single bottle storage below with a storage capacity of up to 70 bottles, and a table top where you can have your wine tasting, decanting and other activities. This table top is actually made of architectural grade wood veneer on a solid MDF (medium-density fibreboard) backer that can resist warping.

Each of the 70 bottle cubicles has an opening of 3 3/4 inches for easy bottle access and the wood material we use is carefully hand-sanded to make the surface smooth and to avoid possible scratches on wine labels.

We offer this wooden wine rack in 3 different wood choices – Redwood, Mahogany, and Pine. These wood species are among the best wood types used in wine rack building because of their natural beauty and durability.

For color options, we have 6 stains to choose from – Chappo, Early American, Wheat, Cherry, Rustic, and Chestnut. We can also apply a lacquer finish if a glossy look is desired.

As is true for all Coastal wine racks, this Individual Half Wine Rack with Table Top is built with a 1 1/2-inch high toe kick at the base which elevates the wine rack off the floor and gives solid protection to the wine bottles. Another feature that only Coastal wine racks have is the horizontal dado cut spacer bars which make the installation easy and creates a furniture quality appearance.

We also offer this wine rack in combination with our Individual Half Wine Rack Stemware Set. This additional product creates a square opening where you can add a mural or maybe stone artwork to personalize your wine cellar, along with a stem rack where you can store your wine glasses upside down.

For other wine rack designs you may consider our Wine Tasting Table and Storage Wine Rack which is in double-depth format. Or you may check our custom wine racks Orange County project where a single bottle wine storage and tasting table was used. This project combines different wine rack designs and the result really looks stunning.

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The Individual Half Wine Rack with Table Topsystem is a great solution for counter space in the Original Series racks.

  • Fits most 750 ml bottles
  • No unsightly hardware or plastic caps
  • Some assembly required
  • Molding sold separately

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Columns: 7 Width: 31 3/4 inches
Rows: 10 Height: 41 3/4 inches
Bottle Capacity: 70 bottles Depth: 12 1/4 inches
Bottle Cubicle: 3 3/4 inches

Wood, Stain and Lacquer Options

Wood Options


Premium Redwood

Malaysian Mahogany


Stain Options

Chappo Cherry Chestnut
Early American Rustic Wheat