New Jersey Stonework and Redwood Wine Racks

wine cellar new jersey arched display

Specific Feature Arched Opening & Beveled Glass Door Cabinet

The combination of stonework and tonal redwood wine racking in this recent wine room upgrade we completed in Freehold, New Jersey is, we believe, a particularly good looking room for wine storage, entertainment and wine tasting.

It’s easy to forget to consider the complimentary design components such as stone work, floor and ceilings when building a custom wine cellar.

Wine storage capacity, wine tasting parties, general entertainment and shear “featured wine” displays are all different elements of the ways our clients make use of their cellars.

This project does a great job of mixing all of these functions in an unusually complimentary way.

One of the advantages of using premium redwood wine racking is the interesting color variations which add a very interesting “earthy” look which can also be very complimentary to the kind of natural variation in stone and rock finishes.

This particular design now has a 2,247 wine bottle capacity 1,247 more bottles than the original display wine racks and was built in two stages.

The first we installed over 5 years ago, it was primarily built simply for wine storage purposes. Our client enjoyed and developed his collection to the point where he decided to ask us to build out the basic storage area into a really good looking showcase display wine room with large glass walls that he could really use as an entertainment area.

Design considerations included matching the 5 year old wood as well as the style so that the addition naturally flowed from the original installation and yet added extra design elements and not just more of the same.

As you look at the images and watch the videos of the finished job we think you will agree that the end result is a wine cellar that would be the envy of anyone lucky enough to be invited to enjoy a glass or two in it.

New Upgraded Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey – Freehold – Part One

Peninsular Horizontal Display Wine Cellar New Jersey
Specific Feature Peninsular Horizontal Wine Room Display

Specific features include an arched opening; you’ll notice that it really shows off the tonal nature of the premium redwood, along with a beveled glass door cabinet and a pair of drawers for additional storage purposes.

As it can be seen through the glass walls, the full height peninsular horizontal display is an unusual and spectacular feature which presents the wine bottles sideways and makes for quite a visual impact when one first walks into the area.

Coordinating Furniture Wine Cellar New Jersey
Complementing the Wine Cellars Look

See the image to the right, we think this client also did a great job of complementing his wine cellar’s look with furniture and accessories that match and emphasize the subtle color variation in the racking and stonework.

New Upgraded Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey – Freehold Part 2
The more subtle design elements include quarter round displays, 4inch base moldings, 15 degree high reveal wine bottle display rows, and complemented underneath by a horizontal display where the bottles lay laterally. This wine cellar is really built to show off the owners collection of special wines. Also 200 split or .375ml wine bottle storage is included along with diamond bin shelves with the intent of managing case lots of wine which at the same time add quite a bit of character to the cellar. Finally a wood case wine storage area with adjustable shelves in included adding flexibility to the wine storage options.

Waterfall Display Wine Room New Jersey
Waterfall Display part of Original Wine Room Job

The original wine storage area made use of our semi-custom racks, a lot of diamond bin storage inset into the walls and a beautiful waterfall display. Semi-custom wine racks are a great solution where economy is a consideration as this can create a fully customized look at standard rack pricing.

Glass Walls Residential Wine Rooms New Jersey
Stunning Glass Walls Residential Wine Room New Jersey

You’ll notice in our video the way the three dimensional design drawings help to visualize the features and general look of the wine racking prior to committing to the build and installation process. The combination of the multiple elevations, overhead and 3D views show every element of the design in fine detail.

With this new addition, clearly this custom wine cellar has become a serious wine collector’s entertainment paradise. If you are considering building your own wine room or wine display area and would like some help to create a great design, simply click here FREE 3D custom wine cellar design or call +1 (949) 355-4376 and let us help you get started!