A Stunning Floor to Ceiling Metal Wine Rack Display in Irvine California


The floor to ceiling metal wine rack can be paired against any surface just beautifully.

Congratulate yourself for being a true wine connoisseur. You know how to properly hold a wine glass. Your highly sophisticated palate can distinguish a rich Cabernet from the more subtle but savory Pinot Noir. You have even hosted several blind wine tasting parties for your family and friends. More importantly, you realized that buying a bottle of wine is the equivalent of buying art. Finally, loving wine is in the very fabric of your DNA.

By now, you may have 10 bottles, and even 50— all stamped with a unique history. Your collection is there, small at first, but you know that it’s growing and not likely to stop anytime soon.

The next big step? A custom wine cellar that is designed specifically for you. Maybe you have tinkered with the thought of owning a wine cellar but was unsure of how or where to start.

Out of the dozens of beautifully crafted wine cellars out there, which one to choose?

Do you want to join the ranks of other wine collectors out there? Do you want a simple yet elegant design? The floor to ceiling metal wine rack is just for you.

Our latest project is a perfect example to show the newly collectors on what to look for in a wine cellar.  Wine cellars achieve three purposes, they are: storage, refrigeration, and investment. Our wine cellar construction project — completed in the residential Shady Canyon area— balanced all three purposes in the most harmonious way while using a floor-to-ceiling metal wine rack.


A Floor to Ceiling Metal Wine Rack Will Showcase Your Storage as Art.

Part of the fun of owning a wine cellar is being able to showcase them to your family and friends. At Coastal Custom Wine Cellar, we design cellars to deliver maximum visual impact.

Our recent clients wanted their wine cellar to be elegant, simple, all the while having room for their individualistic taste to filter through the design.

Our award-winning floor to ceiling metal wine racks were a perfect choice for their residential home in Shady Canyon, Irvine.

A beautiful blueprint that shows six distinct elevations.

Their particular cellar— which measured 20 feet long by 10 feet wide by 8 feet high — could have been designed to include traditional custom wood components. However, after we introduced the Vintage View storage and display options to them, they quickly made the decision to go with the more contemporary appearance the metal displays had to offer.

The walls included an extraordinary finish and we wanted to keep that intact and without any unnecessary blemishes. We implemented the Vintage View floor to ceiling frames so that no displays would be secured directly to the wall. The floor to ceiling metal wine racks can also be paired beautifully with a stack stone or glass surface.


A Floor to Ceiling Metal Wine Rack Display Comes with a Unique and Dazzling Feature

The beautiful thing about floor to ceiling metal wine racks is that they allow you the option of installing backlighting. The walls behind the frames end up illuminated. The light fragments have a way of bouncing off and through the wine bottles in a majestic way. You can dazzle your guests with a simple flick of the light switch.

(FYI: The Vintage View offers 4 finish options. A Satin Black, a Brushed Nickel, a Polished Chrome and the Black Chrome which was ultimately chosen to display the wines. The Black Pearl finish is now referred to as the Black Chrome).

You can customize these metal racks to suit your own personal taste!

Any space in your home— however large or small— can be converted to showcase your wine collection as art. This particular design accommodated over 1400 bottles. A floor to ceiling metal wine rack, customized to your unique taste, can be the perfect start to showcasing your wine collection as art.


The self-contained ducted air system allowed for zero equipment in the wine room.

The Heart of the Wine Cellar: Cooling Systems and Cooling Units

In many ways, the heart of the wine cellar can be found in its cooling system and cooling units. Without it, your entire collection of wine can turn to ruin.

A wine cellar’s cooling system and cooling unit do the important job of keeping the temperature ideal and constant so that your wine to mature into its full potential. Remember, even the slightest variation in temperature — something we ourselves may barely notice— can be detrimental to the state of your wine.

We have a variety of different cooling systems and cooling units. The self-contained ducted air system is one of favorites!

 The Importance of Humidity 

Along with temperature, cooling systems and cooling units also do the job of taking care of the wine cellar’s humidity— something an air conditioner fails to do.

Maintaining proper humidity is important; otherwise your cork will dry out or even shrink in size. Remember, corks—as small as they are—play a large role in preventing oxygen from reaching your wine. When air reaches your wine, it will instantly ruin its quality. Having optimal humidity in your wine cellar will safeguard your corks which will in turn protect your wine.

A Self-Contained Ducted Air System Will Enhance the Overall Look and Feel of Your Wine Cellar

In this particular project used a self-contained ducted air system which allowed for zero equipment to be used in the wine room. No valuable wall space ended up being occupied and there was no need for an unsightly evaporator. Everything— the cold air supply and the cold air return— was ducted to and from the wine room. The self-contained ducted air system improved the overall look and feel of this wine room so that it rightfully remained at the center of attention.

A Floor to Ceiling Metal Wine Rack Can Be a Unique Investment Opportunity For You and Your Family  

The wine bottles appear as if they are quite suspended in air– magical!

As the wine matures into its full potential, you never know how dramatically the value can increase and how much profit you may end up bringing in. That’s part of the excitement.  

Your wine collection can also have a more casual purpose. Imagine pulling out a bottle of wine and popping it open so that you and your family can enjoy it as part of your special dinner.  

A floor to ceiling metal wine rack allows for ease of navigation between your high-end collectibles to your more moderately priced wines. When the occasion arises— whether your wine bottle is ready to be appraised for its accruing value or to be paired with a nice steak— it’s ready.  

Your wine cellar and its collection can even last decades if not generations. They can be handed down to your children and your children’s children as gifts. Your wine cellar can be a timeless gift full of memories to be passed down.  

Start Building Storage for Your Collection Today with A Floor To Ceiling Metal Wine Rack

If you are tinkering with the idea of owning a wine cellar either in the near future, remember, all wine cellars fulfill three purposes: refrigeration, design, and investment. The nature of your wine collection is within your control.  

Any space in your home— however large or small— can be converted to showcase your wine collection as art. A floor to ceiling metal wine rack, customized to your unique taste, can be the perfect start.  

Contact us now for more ideas on how you can display your budding wine collection in your own home.  


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