Metal wine racks can be a stunning alternative to more traditional wood based racking cellar solutions. Inherently contemporary in style, metal wine racks are unique in their design flexibility often presenting a more wine “display” orientated system of wine racking.

In our experience metal wine racks also lend themselves to dramatic eye catching in-cabinet displays, often backlit for effect in modern contemporary homes or towering cascades of wine bottles in restaurants, wine bars and hotels.

Metal Wine Racks for Modern Contemporary Homes with Limited Space

With the increasing trend for new homes and apartments to be built in a contemporary style, we see the demand for metal wine racks to be on a steady increase. The nature of these homes is most often very organized with highly functional spaces. Metal wine racks that by nature match the clean line of contemporary designs and can be fitted on a wall or into a small nook or cabinet, are a natural solution for these style of homes.

Metal Wine Racks for Custom Wine Cellars

“Custom Wine Cellars” is a generic term we use for residential and commercial applications that include:

  • Small residential home room conversions that often have small closets that are underused.
  • Under stairs spaces that can be sealed and framed in with glass or cabinet doors.
  • Larger residential rooms such as basement areas converted into stunning dedicated wine storage and entertainment areas.
  • Restaurant wine displays, these can be behind bar areas or towering “enclosed in glass” climate controlled, highly visible, wine storage rooms designed to manage and contain inventory as well as impress clients, sell products and set the general tone for the restaurants target clientele.
  • Wine Stores that wish to sell to the sophisticated wine buyer by presenting a longer term refrigerated collection of vintage wines.
  • The hospitality industry generally will often wish to present dedicated wine storage, display and entertainment areas.
  • Hotels and up market vacation resorts in particular that wish to sell higher ticket wines, offer wine tasting events and attract higher paying clients.


Commercial Wine Cellar Designs Using VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Commercial Wine Cellar Display Designs Using VintageView Metal Wine Racks Outshine Other Styles

Building custom wine cellars using metal wine racks into these varied applications allow us to create dramatic wine displays.

These wine displays often outshine any other method of storing and displaying wine from both a sheer capacity and presentation perspective.

Take look at the following examples of recently completed wine displays. On the left a commercial display and on the right a residential wine cellar. Both present the wine in a very visual way.

California Commercial Wine Display Nikita Project

California Commercial Wine Display Nikita Project

San Francisco Residential Custom Wine Cellars Tarzana Project

San Francisco Residential Custom Wine Cellars Tarzana Project

VintageView Design for Custom Wine Cellars

VintageView, the leading manufacturer of metal wine racks and display accessories is our preferred supplier for metal based racking designed custom wine cellars.

Including a lifetime warrantee on all their racks, their products are purpose built for both residential and commercial applications and are second to none in quality and flexibility of design options from simple wall mounting wine racks through to large racking systems.

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Metal Wine Racks VintageView Products – Many Options

There are many options in style finish, size and shape that can be created using VintageView Metal Wine Racks. These include floor standing, wall mounted single and three deep solutions for 750ml wine bottles as well as magnum and champagne bottles. Call TOLL-FREE: +1 (888) 735-8889 for a free quote or complete the metal wine racks quick quote form and we will call you within 24 hours.

Whether your goal is to have a simple wall mounted or floor standing wine rack display in a limited space or are considering going much further and creating your own custom wine cellar in your home, using metal wine racks for your wine bottle racking solution is an excellent choice.

Wondering where to start? – Custom Wine Cellars Design

We make it easy, simply complete a custom wine cellar design request and we will be happy to provide a complete 3D design package without obligation and completely FREE of charge.