Protect Your Wine Collection, Even When You Are Not There!

Use technology to receive an alert wherever you are, should there be a problem with your wine cellar. Maybe your cooling system fails or behaves erratically, maybe someone enters you wine room that shouldn’t. With the Elertus protection system you can receive an alert via the internet even if you are on the other side of the planet!
Protect Your Wine Collection Even When You Are Not There

California Offshore Residential Wine Cellar Design Project New

Interior designers are often asked to include a wine cellar in new builds of residential homes and major remodeling projects. In this project we were called in to work closely with a local interior designer Karen Johnson who knew exactly what standard needed to be implemented for this high end home. View the project details from design to the installation of the wine cellar.

California Offshore Residential Wine Cellar Design Project New


Wine Cellar Orange County California – The Design Project

This climate controlled wine room in Aliso Viejo presented a number of design challenges. For California wine cellar design there is a de-facto standard to maintain. This one with beer taps was clearly intended for more than just storage, see the full story here.

Wine Cellar Orange County California – The Design Project


Just Completed – California Home Wine Cellar Designs – Coto de Caza Flax Court Project

Check out this, our latest residential custom wine cellar designer project. Recently completed in a home in the prestigious development in Coto de Caza. The wine room features a sweeping under stairwell wine cellar racking system with combination mahogany and vintageview metal racking to create a stylish look and maximized storage.

Custom Wine Cellars Flax Court Coto de Caza Orange County CA Project


May 2013 Coto de Caza – Falcon Ridge Completed Custom California Wine Cellars Project

The exclusive residential development in Orange County California “Coto de Caza” is a stunning location to live and a great place to build a wine room in your home! Check out this latest completed project! The Coto de Caza Residential California Wine Cellars Job.

Coto De Caza California Residential Wine Cellar Project in Orange County


Cooperage Countertops, Impressive Custom Wine Cellar Designs

One of wine cellar builders favorite design elements, add more to your wine cellar’s uniqueness with a Cooperage Countertop

Cooperage Countertops for Impressive Custom Wine Cellar Designs


For Commercial Businesses… Glass Enclosed Wine Displays and Walk in Wine Cellars

Contemporary commercial wine displays can positively impact profits

Even Newer…Nautical Timbers – Creating distinctive Custom Wine Cellars

Residential Wine Cellar Entry – Stunning Nautical Timbers can be used for creating distinctive Custom Wine Cellars. This is a genuine original product which really does come from the reclaimed wood used in ships, often simply for ballast. Truly an environmentally friendly product, using this in your wine cellar will create a unique look, conversation topic and natural feel.


Latest… Features for Custom Wine Cellars – Unique Individualized Wine Barrel Carvings

These carvings, hand created and carved onto wine barrels are really outstanding.  What a great way to personalize a residential wine room or make a commercial wine display memorable.  Visit our new feature page and listen to our interview with Peter Forbes who can create a whole barrel or a barrel end unique carving just for you!

Wine Barrel Carvings - Check out these accessories for home & commercial wine displays


New, check it out… Custom Wine Cellars for Contemporary Homes in Los Angeles CA

See our latest customer project story, wine cellars design for contemporary residential homes in Los Angeles. “And now for something completely different”, has a whole new meaning with this colorful and low cost wine cellar closet conversion. As wine cellar builders we enjoy the diversity of custom wine cellars we get to create. The particular project was a simple but effective combination of metal wine racks and clever wine cellar lighting.

See this Contemporary Wine Cellar Project


New Updated California Library Style Wine Cellar Project Page

With stunning sea views and a very unusual design, this residential master wine cellar builders project is in every way exceptional. Visit this California Wine Cellar Builders page and learn all about this 3 year in the making project! Learn about wine racks with Earth Quake protection, recessed rolling ladders and Ducted Air Handler wine cellar cooling units.

See this Residential Custom Wine Cellars Project


Check it out… One of our favorite Custom Wine Cellars installed in Hawaii

Truly one of our favorites and featured in our main photo gallery, this Custom Wine Cellar Honolulu was designed with taste in a beautiful home right off the main dining room. Mahogany wine racks custom designed to complement contrasting cabinets with a concealed wine cooling system. Take a look and be impressed, wine storage turned into art.

We are steadily adding both wine cellars we have installed in the past as well as brand new projects as we complete them. We hope you like the designs and enjoy the wine experience as much as we do. Watch out for additional posts for residential and commercial wine cellars in many locations including installations on and around Hawaiian islands such as Kaua’i, Maui, Pearl City, Hilo, Kailua, Waipahu, Kahului, Kāne’ohe, Kailua-Kona, Kīhei, and Līhu’e.

This Just In…. New Custom Wine Cellar in Los Angeles, California

This custom wine cellar Los Angeles California stores a large wine collection of 3,816 wine bottles that vary in sizes from split to champagne-sized bottles. Wine racks were built from beautiful and durable Heart Redwood. Ductless split refrigeration system and a stunning wine cellar glass door help maintain the ideal climate conditions inside this wine cellar. Find out more how Coastal Custom Wine Cellars created this wine room from initial sketch to finished product.

Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles California 3D Design

New Custom Wine Cellar Orange County California

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars recently built a stunning residential wine cellar in Orange County California. Our client considers herself a “wine geek” and wanted a modern wine cellar equipped with the latest gadgets to protect and preserve her extensive wine collection of over 2,000 bottles. Using a combination of custom and semi custom wine racks built from redwood, we were able to create a functional wine cellar that fit her limited space and budget.

If you, like the Orange County wine geek, are tired of traveling to an off site wine storage unit, it’s time to build your own residential wine cellar. Call us toll free today at 1-888-735-8889 to discuss building a wine cellar in your home. We service all cities in Orange County including San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Mission Viejo, Coto de Caza, Foothill Ranch, Tustin, Irvine, Fullerton and Brea.

Custom wine cellar orange county wine geek countertop

Take a look at our new Santa Barbara Commercial Wine Display & Storage Winery Project

Are you a Winery or a Vineyard owner? Are you looking for a wine storage and display solution for your business? Are you looking for a way to increase sales and feature your select quality wines?

In a recent project we worked with the owners of Sea Smoke, a winery and vineyard in the Santa Barbara Hills in California to create a wine cellar customized to display their world famous Pinot Noir. Using knotty alder custom wooden wine racks designed to feature over 1,400 bottles of wine, we created this stunning wine room. See for yourself the use of diamond bin racks, high reveal and horizontal display wine racking all designed to show off Sea Smoke’s more prestigious labels, as well as storing large format bottles. In addition the feature waterfall wooden wine racks bring a beautiful and distinctive look to the winery’s new custom wine cellar.

The knotty alder wine cellar flooring, flowing naturally into the custom wine racks truly turned what was an unimpressive wine storage room into an exciting rustic wine cellar, designed to boost sales and ideal for wine tasting special events.

As experienced wine cellar builders we design and install beautiful custom wine cellars for vineyards and wineries up and down the California coast. Our installed base of California wine country wine cellars include installations in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Lompoc, Bakersfield, indeed all the way down to Los Angeles. We also build stunning residential custom wine cellars and commercial custom wine racks purpose built for wine stores. If you’re a commercial enterprise looking to boost your sales or simply an avid wine collector and interested in learning more, all you need do is fill out our wine cellar design request and we’ll give you a design to meet your unique needs along with an accurate cost estimate to get you started.

large wine cellar for santa barbara winery

New Custom Wine Cellar In Baltimore…

Do you want to transform your extra space underneath your stairwell into a functional and decorative wine cellar? Find out more about our new custom wine racking installation in Baltimore by clicking on Custom Wine Cellar Baltimore Maryland and seeing all about Ahmed’s success story and how Coastal installed custom wine racks with a cigar humidor under their stairs.

We post videos about new custom wine cellars as we create them as well as adding beautiful wine cellars that were created in the past, watch for new posts that will include other wine cellars in other locations in Maryland such as Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, Frederick. If you live in one of these areas contact us today as we have special deals in those locations due to our installers working in the area – just complete the Quick Quote request to save and realize your dream.

Custom Wine Cellar Baltimore Maryland - Call us for a free wine cellar design

New Custom Wine Cellar In Los Angeles…

The final pictures are not in yet but you can see how this Los Angeles wine cellar was created from initial sketch to finished product, click Custom Wine Cellar Los Angeles to see the video.

Come back often as we post videos about custom wine cellars being created in Orange County including Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel. Plus get a chance to see ones we are creating San Francisco, Los Gatos, San Diego, Santa Monica, Malibu, Thousand Oaks, Carmel, and Santa Barbara (yes we’ve been very busy!).

Wilke Wine Cellar

Another Fantastic Residential Wine Cellar In New Jersey…

This custom wine cellar is perfect if all you have is a small space which was the problem the Kapur’s had when they wanted a custom wine cellar in Short Hills, New Jersey. All they had was a small brick storage area, click Custom Wine Cellar New Jersey to see how they transformed such a small space into such a fabulous custom wine cellar.

Custom Wine Cellar New Jersey Kapur - Call us for a free design!

Custom Wine Cellars

Building residential and or commercial wine cellars is never an easy task. The techniques and methods used, and the general craftsmanship required to build a custom wine room takes years to refine and master. But we at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars consider the construction phase the easy part. We’ve been in the industry for over ten years now and have acquired a reputation as a leading provider of custom wine cellar solutions. The wine cellars we have created are among the most beautiful you’ll ever see.

Bastin Wine Cellar

What we consider the hard part is the design phase. We at Coastal take the planning and designing phase very seriously because this is the part where your wine cellar dreams begin to materialize. This is where YOU come in. You provide us with your own personal requirements and preferences. If you’re not too sure about what you want, we can give you ideas and offer some suggestions based on our experiences. We have in-house design personnel who will make sure that each and every detail is accounted for and nothing is left out. And finally, we will create a computer generated 3D model of our proposed design. This 3D model Custom Cellar Design will give you a preview of what your wine cellar could potentially look like.

Here at Coastal, our custom wine cellar solutions will help you make your wine cellar dreams come true.

Wine Racks

Wine racks are indispensable in the world of wine collection. Even the occasional wine drinker would somehow find wine storage a necessity sooner or later. Whether you’re a professional wine maker or just a passionate wine enthusiast, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offer wine storage solutions that are both simple and elegant. Our wine racks are hand crafted from 3 types of attractive and durable wood, namely pine, redwood and mahogany. We also offer 6 staining options to further enhance your wine racks.

6' Wine Rack Kits

From beginners with just a handful of wine bottles to seasoned wine collectors with hundreds of the best labels around, we provide wine storage solutions that are so simple to customize and easy to expand. We provide standard wine racks with display rows for a better view of your finest labels, corner racks that fit in corner spaces and even wine bins that offer maximum storage capacity per square inch. We also offer other fixtures like the Arch and Tasting Tables that not only enhance your wine cellar’s decorative qualities but also increases your wine storage capacity.

There are essentially countless more wine rack designs to choose from and ultimately, it will be your own choice that will give your wine cellar its own character. We at Coastal are merely here to help you realize your wine cellar dreams.

Wine Cellar Cooling

Wine cellar cooling systems are perhaps the most important elements of custom wine cellars. They maintain the necessary climate conditions that keep the wines in excellent condition. We at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars believe that effective wine cooling doesn’t end with the wine cooling unit. We design and build custom wine cellars by ensuring that all the components, the wine cellar doors, walls and ceilings, meet the necessary requirements needed for wine cellar insulation. We provide three basic types of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems: the Split System, Self-Contained System, and the Split System, Ducted Air–Handler Self-Contained System.

Wine Cooling Systems WhisperKool

We offer 3 installation options for Split Cooling Systems and they’re all supplied by US Cellar Systems. The Cabinet Cooler (CC) Series, Rack Cooler (RM) Series and Wall Cooler (WM) Series are perfect for varying sizes of wine cellars. For our Self-Contained Cooling Systems, we also give you two options from WhisperKOOL. The XLT Series are ideal for interior walls while the Extreme Platinum Series have more powerful features that are excellent for exterior walls. And finally, Coastal introduces the Ducted Air Handler Self-Contained Systems by Cellarmate. This self-contained cooling system is very simple to install and you can mount it virtually anywhere because it uses air ducts to circulate refrigerated air.

These three systems of wine cooling units coupled with our knowledge of wine cellar insulation techniques guarantee that you end up with a custom wine cellar that will produce lively and sparkling wines.

Wine Cellar Doors

Wine cellar doors are the first thing that your guests see when they come to visit your custom wine cellar. As visually important as they are, they’re also one of the most vital because it helps your cooling system in sealing in the precise thermal conditions needed for wine to mature beautifully.

Chianti Wine Cellar Door in a Knotty Alder with a Rustic finish

The combination of the techniques we employ and the materials we use produce doors that are resistant to warping as well as beautiful. We use a special process of building up the door core while retaining our ability to do hand carvings and numerous other customizations. What is more, our custom wine cellar doors are exterior grade doors. They have weather stripping and use dual paned glass for windows, transoms and side lights as well as equipping our doors with automatic door bottoms that eliminate the need for thresholds. This system allows you to have a uniform flooring material that can stretch from your living room into your wine cellar room without worrying about transitions in floor design.

As with all our other products, we offer Pine, Redwood, and Mahogany for the solid wood materials. We further enhance the appearance of the door with 6 staining choices: Early American, Chappo, Cherry, Chestnut, Rustic and Wheat. We at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars guarantee that our custom wine cellar doors will protect your valuable wine collection for generations to come.

Wine Cellar Flooring

Here at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, we encourage you to make a statement with your wine cellar flooring by using reclaimed wood from genuine Napa Valley Oak Barrels. Experience the nostalgia of using wine cellar flooring materials fabricated from staves of authentic wine barrels, complete with insignia stamps and vineyard labels of the wine producer.

Wine Cellar Flooring

The inside part of the oak barrels provide red hues that perfectly compliment most staining options for wine racks. The oak wood naturally soaks in the burgundy color of wine so no artificial dyes are required to bring out that red, wine-like glow. The outside part offers shades of golden brown that lends a lovely weathered appearance to your flooring. Both sides of the staves are used thanks to a unique conversion procedure that recycles the wood into products suitable for wine cellar flooring. We even incorporate the barrel ring markings, together with the insignias and labels that these woods have acquired over time, into your flooring design.

Letting these wine barrels to end up in land fills would be a terrible waste since these woods have already inherited the essence of the wine they protected for so long: the color, wine producer labels, even the aroma. We at Coastal believe that these woods should stay in the custom wine cellars industry where they truly belong by creating wine cellar flooring designs out of them.