Le Cache Wine Cabinets by Coastal—For the Homeowner With Space Restrictions but a Great Love for Wine

For some of our wine collecting clients, like condo owners, home renters, and those with a smaller wine collection just starting out, making the venture into a full custom built-in wine cellar may be a bigger investment than is realistic at present. Which is why handcrafted wine cabinets by Le Cache are such a great idea for so many of our clients.

Wine Cabinets Offer The Right Solution For The Right Client

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Loft styled Le Cache wine cabinets

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is proud to become a distributor of Le Cache Wine Cabinets, high quality wine storage solutions for many of our clients who need a smart, lower cost, space conscious option. They are both beautiful and effective at storing wine long term.

CellarPro Cooling Unit

Le Cache wine cabinets come with a CellarPro QT cooling unit with an adjustable temperature and humidity control, making them just as reliable at controlling the conditions surrounding your valuable wine collection as a built-in wine cellar.

Your Distributor in Your Local Area

At Coastal we service a lot of urban areas in Los Angeles, California and the New York City area, as well areas near our new installation office in the Baltimore, Maryland region. In all of these locations we find that many of our clients may have limited space but their love for wine collecting is growing. In time they may find that their wine cabinet can be replaced by a full-out custom wine room installation, but until then our customers want to make sure that their wine is stored properly and beautifully and Le Cache may be just the right solution.

Wine Cabinets to Fit Your Tastes and Specifications

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European country style wine cabinets


Whether your tastes are contemporary or traditional, Le Cache has a design that will fit your home’s décor. They offer a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose a tall and narrow wine cabinet or the wide and short styled credenza wine cabinet option.

The Most Affordable Way to Store Your Wine

And for collectors looking for a low cost but high quality investment, Coastal offers the BILD Collection by Le Cache, a stripped down, but highly efficient option for collecting high quality vintages.

Wine Furniture

Le Cache also offers through Coastal a number of handcrafted wine bars and furniture, which can be nice accessories to your wine cabinet or built-in wine cellar.

Why Consult With a Wine Cellar Builder When Purchasing a Wine Cabinet?

Jerry Wilson seller of Le Cache at Coastal in California

Jerry Wilson, Owner of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Why would it be wise to work with someone like Jerry Wilson at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars when purchasing a Le Cache wine cabinet?

Years of Experience in Displaying Wine

The simple answer to this question is that Jerry has 14 years of experience building wine displays and he knows his stuff. He and his team have consulted with scores of homeowners, helping them figure out how to store and display their wine under many different conditions and circumstances. They know how to calculate the number of wine bottles that you have, how many you plan to have in the future, and what that translates into in terms of display and storage needs.

In short, they know how to look at your space, your needs, and they’ll be able to help you choose the right cabinet for your home.

Technical Know-How Still Needed in Installing Wine Cabinet

Additionally, there are a lot of technical issues to consider when purchasing a wine cabinet that might not be immediately obvious. For one thing, Le Cache’s products have commercial grade wine refrigeration units in them that need to vent properly, and so making sure that the unit is adjusted properly can require some technical know-how.

There’s also the issues related to moving a very large piece of equipment into your house or apartment, which might require scaling stairs or taking short angled turns down narrow hallways, again requiring a professional with some experience in this area.

Make a Choice You Can Trust

Even though Le Cache wine cabinets are less expensive option than a full built-in wine cellar, they are still a major purchase for most families, and it would be a total shame to make an incorrect decision or end up buying something that you’re unsure how to install, put together, or move into your home. Call Jerry today at +1 (888) 735-8889 to get a free in person consultation in your area, whether you live in California, Maryland, or the New Jersey/New York locations.

Styles of Le Cache Wine Cabinets