The Vino Rosso Iron Wine Cellar Door

The Vino Rosso Iron Wine Cellar Door

These iron doors are the perfect solution for wine cellars that need both looks and security. The jambs and the doors are actually constructed with super strong 13 gauge thick steel.

During construction the seams are fully welded, then ground and polished. This creates a nice clean, refined finish. These doors are designed with security in mind, utilizing the highest quality craftsmanship.

By maintaining construction processes utilizing upgraded materials and techniques we ensure that our doors are not only attractive, but will also stand the test of time.

Getting a little technical, we eliminate the need for bondo, fillers and cover-up often found in products made utilizing mass production line processes.

Wine Cellar Door Designs

Our Computer Aided Design technology help us to create stunning themed design ideas for wine storage facilities.

Whether your project is for commercial wine storage or to protect a residential collection we can create a door just right for you.

You can choose a design such as the doors shown on this page or we can create a custom design based on your own specifications.

Door Insulation and Climate Control

All of our door stiles and rails are densely packed with fiberglass, this helps to preserve the climate controlled environment in your wine cellar. In addition the doors are made with a swing-out glass system for easy cleaning. The glass is one inch double-pane tempered and insulated. There are also a variety of styles available to suit different requirements.

The Pueblo Iron Wine Cellar Door

The Pueblo Iron Wine Cellar Door


Pre-hung and Easy to Install

Our iron wine cellar doors are easy to install with no specialty equipment required.

They are pre-hung and include: jamb, doors, heavy-duty low profile hinging, astragals, roller latches, flush bolts, neoprene astragal weather-stripping and jamb weather stripping.

All of our doors are 2″ thick, which is the thickest measure in our industry.

We bore a standard 1 1/2” dead-bolt hole with a 2 3/8” backset as standard. Coastal will deliver a turn-key product; ready for immediate use and life-long satisfaction.

All components are fully mortised for a superb flush finished product. All doors are meticulously sandblasted, treated and powder-coated at 450 degrees providing an ultra-durable basecoat and finish.

These wine cellar doors are backed by a 5-year limited warranty

If looks, durability and security are an important factor in your wine cellar design call Coastal Custom Wine Cellars +1 (888) 735-8889 and get the best for your wine cellar.

If you are out of business hours, no problem, simply complete our contact request form and we will contact you at the first opportunity.

The Aliso Iron Wine Cellar Door

The Aliso Iron Wine Cellar Door

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