Commercial Wine Racks & Displays – Nikita Restaurant Malibu California

Nikita Restaurant Malibu California Wine Display Project by Coastal

The storage method for custom commercial wine cellars is not only designed to provide maximum storage capacity, but also to facilitate the proper placement and presentation of wine bottles.

Cool looking commercial wine displays and storage is a hot addition to any upscale restaurant or hotel.  Aesthetically pleasing wine room interiors draw people’s attention towards a vast collection of wine bottles; thus, creating greater awareness about the different wine brands that are on display.

For this commercial wine cellars Malibu California project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars utilized factory cut VintageView metal wine racks to create the ideal wine storage and display solution.

These metal crafted commercial wine racks complement the contemporary themed and Zen inspired interior of this new gastronomic destination in Malibu, California.

Features of Commercial Wine Cellars for Nikita Restaurant in California

Located just a stone’s throw away from Surfrider and the Malibu pier, the Nikita Restaurant features expansive glass windows that lend a breathtaking view of Carbon Beach.  They also offer alfresco dining option where guests can dine and hang out at a spacious rooftop patio.

Nikita Malibu showcases excellent Mediterranean-Italian cuisine prepared by the Michelin-starred chef, Massimiliano Blasone.

In order to achieve the specific look required by the architects as well as attain total bottle capacity of over 1500 wine bottles, the designer, Valerie Wilson, integrated different custom wine rack styles. For example she designed in height-specific wine racking components, floor to ceiling commercial wine displays, and X cube bins.

All the metal wine rack displays were installed with a black finish for a smooth and elegant appearance that is sure to impress the restaurants clients.

VintageView Custom Commercial Wine Racks

VintageView Commercial Wine Racks Nikita Restaurant Project

Commercial wine racks from VintageView were custom cut to 3 ft. and 4 ft. heights to fit within the confines of the finished walls and wood shelving.  Utilizing most of the wall space area in this commercial wine cellars Malibu California project allowed for optimal storage capacity.

Label Forward Commercial Wine Displays – Nikita Restaurant Malibu California

Label Forward Commercial Wine Displays – Nikita Restaurant Malibu California

Below the height-specific commercial wine racks, the designer installed metal X cube bins for bulk storage.

This type of storage solution allows collectors to consolidate certain wine varieties in one group.  It can also hold a large quantity of wine bottles in different formats.

To add visual impact to this wine display project, VintageView floor to ceiling commercial wine displays were strategically placed near the glass wall in front of the front wall and entrance to the storage space.

This racking solution is mounted on a steel support beam that is affixed to the floor and ceiling, allowing flexibility in terms of its location and position.


Label Forward Commercial Wine Displays

VintageView wine racking for commercial wine cellars provides label forward displays that promote easy management and inventory of wine collectibles.

This means all the labels can be viewed without removing the bottles. Additionally, it allows for an effortless display of various wine brands that makes it easier for customers to pick and choose a particular vineyard or winery.

The design and layout of commercial wine cellars combine functionality and aesthetic appeal in creating a storage enclave wherein wines can age in a modern stylish environment.

This wine cellar project incorporates a unique and elegant wine storage design that promotes excellent wine bottle presentation and effective wine displays, that will undoubtedly achieve sales targets and result in increased revenues.

California's Nikita Restaurant Wine Display by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Wide

California’s Nikita Restaurant Wine Display by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

From start to finish, from bare racking to stocked shelves this wine display was a fun project that impressed Nikita’s clients.