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What do Guitar heroes do when they retire? Enjoy their wine collections with friend in their own personal wine cellars of course! This cellar was constructed in Malaysian mahogany with a chestnut stain and a semi-gloss finish. Besides wishing to store and display his wine collection, our client in Lititz which is near Philadelphia in Pennsylvania had three unique sculptures he wanted to feature in the wine cellar along with his guitar which was autographed by the boss himself, Bruce Springsteen. That’s pretty unique by any standard!

Custom Wine Cellars Philadelphia Pennsylvania Guitar
In order to accommodate these items we created a customized rectangular opening for the guitar and quarter round displays which were also specifically customized to fit the sculptures. The cellar also has light valance concealed lighting to make the guitar standout as well as the wine bottles displayed in the high reveal display row which continued seamlessly through the true radius curved corner wine racking.

Guitar Hero Wine Cellar Philadelphia
Custom Wine Cellar Built Around A Guitar

To one side of the cellar we also designed a feature arched opening with a waterfall display which further features selected wine bottles. The arch and waterfall wine bottle display creating a unique character and sizzle to the wine cellar. All of the racking openings are large enough to accommodate virtually every 750ml size wine bottle in the market place today. We call these “universal” wine rack bottle openings.

The custom wine cellar was designed to house up to 1054 bottles of wine. The room height being nine and a half feet high we designed the wine racks to allow for a rolling library style ladder to be added at a later date. In addition to this feature, four inch toe kick base moldings and an elegant two step crown molding was added to finish off the look of the wine racking.

The wine cooling system of choice was a Ducted Air Handler by Cellarmate, this resulted in no equipment being visible in the wine cellar. Conditioned air is ducted to and from the wine cellar creating an efficient and particularly quiet system.

Wine Cellar Philadelphia Pennsylvania Customized for Sculpture
Custom Wine Cellar Philadelphia Built Around a Sculpture
Residential Wine Cellar Pennsylvania Customized for Sculpture
Residential Wine Cellar Philadelphia Built Around a Guitar
Residential Wine Cellar Pennsylvania Highlighted Display
Custom Wine Cellar Philadelphia Highlighted Display
Cellarmate Residential Wine Cellar Refrigeration Pennsylvania
Cellarmate Ducted Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Check out the video to get a tour showing you multiple view three dimensional design drawings which we provide free of charge to all our custom wine cellar clients. The main benefit of this is that you get an excellent perspective on what your cellar will end up looking like so that you can be comfortable and get a great visual before you commit to the project.

If you are considering your own residential wine cellar like this, built to your own preference possibly even featuring your own guitar or memorabilia, click here FREE 3D custom wine cellar design or call +1 (949) 355-4376 and ask for Jerry Wilson.

Residential Wine Cellars Philadelphia Pennsylvania Lititz Update

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