Key Design Features of this New Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar in St. Louis Missouri

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St Louis Missouri Wine Cellar Design by Coastal

Designed for maximum storage capacity and a fusion of modern and traditional styling.

  • 926 bottle Capacity Wine Cellar Design
  • Custom Heart Redwood Racking
  • Wine Cellar Cooling Unit – CellarPro 4200 VSi
  • Napa Valley Oak Barrel Wine Cellar Flooring – Cooperage Series
  • Seamless Tempered Glass Wall and Entry

In April 2012 we designed this stunning custom wine cellar for the Cherrick family residence in St. Louis. We had the challenge of trying to design a contemporary wine cellar using traditional wood cellarage. To meet this challenge we decided to use Heart Redwood and included a fixed and completely seamless glass wall and entry to create a spectacular view into the wine cellar.

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As this wine room was to be fully climate controlled with a dedicated wine cellar cooling system it was important to use dual pane insulated glass. This dual pane glass provided needed insulation for the room and, more importantly, it will prevent condensation from forming inside the wine cellar.

Preventing condensation is critical in a climate controlled room where humidity and temperature are kept at a constant. Condensation, if allowed to form, can cause mold to grow on your labels and corks which can ruin your wine collection. It will also grow in hidden areas of your wine cellar and will keep growing over time, which, when finally found, can be very costly to remedy.

Measuring 7′ long, wide and high, this custom wine cellar’s design was relatively simple with symmetrical balance and clean lines. We incorporated single bottle storage racks with a high reveal display rows with concealed wine cellar lighting LEDs and diamond bin components for bulk storage in the lower half of the racking. The high reveal displays rows are a wonderful feature as they hold the bottles at a 15 degree angle, this keeps the wine in contact with the cork while at the same time showing off the bottles label.

This combination of custom wine rack styles allowed for an elegant wine display and was also a very good management design element. To enhance the wine room’s visual appeal from outside the cellar we placed horizontal, label forward, wine racks near the glass wall to either side of the racking.

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Design & Build Custom Wine Cellars St. Louis Missouri Project

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Design – St. Louis Missouri Project

As this custom wine room’s design also called for a wine cellar refrigeration system, and our client did not want any visible equipment in the cellar, we needed to plan the cooling system carefully.

For a wine cellar refrigeration system with this requirement we would normally suggest a self-contained ducted air handler. As there were significant budget constraints on this project however, we needed to be as economical as possible. To solve this problem we selected a CellarPro 4200 VSi self-contained wine cellar cooling unit.

As standard, these systems are self-contained and mount through the wall and exhaust fan noise and warm air to an adjoining room. To eliminate the physical presence of the wine room’s cooling unit and the exhaust to another room in the home, we mounted the cooling unit in and above the ceiling using special rear and front ducting kits. This rear ducting kit then directed the warm air outdoors instead of into the home. The front ducting kit provided the cold air supply into the wine cellar. Lastly we added an LED control unit for the cooling system, external to the room.

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To make this custom wine cellar particularly special, we installed stunning ten year old Cooperage wine barrel flooring. This type of flooring when used in a wine cellar is always attractive and distinctive. In this case it turned out to be a beautiful match with the natural soft colors of the All Heart Redwood wine racks. Cooperage is the top of the wine barrel where the winery typically “brands” the barrels for identification and branding purposes thus adding a unique feature to an already stunning wine cellar. After its full life cycle as a holder of wine, the product is then reclaimed and turned into high quality tongue and groove flooring.

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