Proper Wine Cellar Lighting – Why is it Important?

Wine Cellar Lighting Design Help

Proper maturation of wines greatly depends on the factors that contribute to ideal climate conditions in your custom wine cellar. In addition to temperature and humidity, another criterion that determines the quality of your wine cellar’s condition is the light. It should be of utmost importance in your wine cellar design. With the proper lighting, you are not only protecting your wines from any potentially damaging light sources, but you are also creating a pleasant aura to your wine room.

Have you ever wondered why wines are traditionally bottled in colored glass? The colored glass creates a dark environment and protects the wine from ultraviolet light, which damages wines. UV light stimulates stable organic compounds in wines which form unpleasant odors and flavors resulting in spoilage.

Residential Wine Cellar Lighting Recessed

Your wine cellar lighting should provide ample light for reading wine labels, conducting tastings and moving about the cellar but without exposing wines to excessive heat and UV light.

In order to control brightness in a room and create the atmosphere that you want, use a dimmer switch. It will give you the flexibility to raise and lower the level of lighting to maintain an ideal wine cellar temperature. All wine cellar light fixtures need to have a dimmer switch for easy adjustment of your cellar’s ambiance.

At Coastal, we have knowledgeable designers with whom you can discuss the lighting that best suits your style and your wine cellar.

Stunning Lighting Options

Lighting affects the ambiance of your wines’ resting place and allows you to admire your cellar with the dramatic accents it creates. It also provides overall illumination for viewing bottle labels in an easy way.

The type of light you select will determine the mood and the overall cellar décor.

Custom Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures

Recessed can lights are the most popular lighting option. They are mounted on ceilings and it allows you to highlight areas where it is most needed. They are mostly used as the main light within the wine storage room creating a sophisticated look. They also offer a clean, streamlined look in your cellar. Recessed lighting comes in different sizes, shapes and styles, allowing you to customize your wine cellar’s appearance.

The halogen lighting system, which is a type of recessed lighting, can add drama to your wine room. It has baffles which are used to minimize the glare and control brightness. Halogen bulbs must have a UV protective coating to prevent damage to your wine. Tracks should be 18 inches off your walls to avoid contact with the wine racks. Affordability and beauty are two of the great benefits of this lighting fixture.

Home Wine Room Lighting Effect

Track lighting or “spotlight” is a versatile option for a cellar and is best suited as accent lighting for your favorite wine labels in high-reveal or vertical display wine racks. It offers great flexibility in changing configuration at any time and in having a wide selection of lamp styles. The track heads can be also be modified and moved as you like.

Though it is often mounted on a ceiling, you can mount it on the wall or on cables. In terms of installation, it is much easier than recessed lighting. A halogen lamp called the PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) is the ideal choice for track lighting. These lamps provide brilliant colors and clear optics and are energy efficient.

Home Custom Wine Cellar Lighting Highlighting

You may want to use wall sconces which is a type of indirect lighting that is affixed on your wall. Before electricity was discovered, wall sconces were used to hold or secure candles to the walls of homes. They free up floor space and cast a great spread of light. Sconce types include candle sconces, electric bulb sconces and electric candle sconces.

Bulbs that are commonly utilized for this type of lighting are those with half-moon shape (imparts upward light) and full-cover opaque lens (for a moon-glow effect). After choosing the perfect one for your wine cellar, the next thing to consider is the placement. They provide appeal and comfort to a wine room if properly installed.

Typically, they should be placed around 6 feet above the finished cellar floor and ten feet apart. They’ll be prone to damage if placed lower and can make the room look smaller. Poor placement will not help you achieve the desired lighting effect that you want.

Ladder and lightning for custom wine cellars

Seeking a vintage look and a royal touch to your wine storage room? Chandeliers are a great choice for you! The earliest chandeliers were used in medieval assembly places.

Nowadays, they are used as a decorative focal point for a room. They are ceiling-mounted fixtures, often large with two or more light-bearing arms. Ornate chandeliers contain dozens of lamps and complex arrays of glass or crystal prisms, illuminating a room with refracted light. Its size also matters since it will affect the area of the room you are trying to illuminate. The larger the area, the larger the wine cellar chandelier should be.

Some styles include contemporary, designer, crystal and customized chandeliers. If you are on a tight budget and still wants to have a symbol of wealth in your cellar, Coastal’s lighting consultants can give you the best suggestion to guarantee that the chandelier matches your home décor.

ICH Wine Room Lightning Chicago

We recommend LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting to accent elegant archways, arches, corners and high-reveal display racking. These wine wine cellar light fixtures provide a comforting glow to your wine bottles and a warm atmosphere for you and your friends. It is widely-used for wine cellars because of its energy efficiency, ability for long-term use, low-heat emissions and versatility.

LED based wine room lights are not as bright as incandescent bulbs, thus protecting wine damage. Other features which make it the top pick for wine cellar lighting options are its affordability, resistance to vibration and lower voltage with no harmful UV rays. LED lights are pretty expensive but because of their amazing life span, you’ll save money in the long run. With this option, you’ll not only have a classy wine cellar but great savings as well!

The Right Lighting for your Wine Cellar

High Reveal Display Row Wine Cellar Racks Orange County

All in all the right lighting for your custom wine cellar is a matter of taste and depends upon the desired mood setting. As you can see from some of these images there’s no doubt that when you get it right the effect can be stunning.

Check out our wine cellar gallery or possibly some of our full project write-ups such as the custom wine cellars New York or the Los Angeles Contemporary Mini Wine Cellar or the Orange County Custom Wine Cellar Geek for examples and inspiration.

At Coastal, we design and build functional and beautiful wine cellars that will give our customers a place where they can fully enjoy moments with their wines. One key to fulfilling this goal is by having the proper lighting in it.

Our lighting experts will ensure that you have full control over the light which affects the climate conditions in your wine room and that you achieve a stunning lighting effect in displaying your wines. Enjoy lighting up your cellar!