A good wine storage structure should encompass functionality, dependability, and aesthetic quality. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars recently designed a beautiful residential wine cellar for a client in Irvine, California. The expert builders ensured that the room was built to effectively provide the tightly sealed space that wines require. Moreover, the details of the cellar’s design were meticulously attended to, and the client’s style and preference were met.

Coastal Designs a Home Custom Wine Cellar in Irvine, California

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This storage structure project was very unique. The client for this Irvine residential wine cellar wanted his wine room to accommodate bottles of various sizes. He also wanted to display his collection of Bourbon.

Recently, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars completed a project for a client in Irvine, a city in Orange County. The client wanted the expert cellar contractor to build a storage room that could accommodate bottles of various sizes. He also wanted the builders to include in the construction their specific design preferences.

Unique Wine Racking and Displays

The wine cellar in this Irvine project was built with a very unique concept in mind. The client wanted the storage space to include displays of his Bourbon collection, instead of keeping wine exclusively. The contractors from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars added open bins on the room’s right side, which is where the client keeps liquors rather than wine.

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The experts from Coastal Custom Wine Cellar created a design where in the client can store large format bottles as well as regular wines. A space for magnum-sized bottles was also included. Label-forward displays were added so that bottles can simply be cradled in shelves.

On the left side of the home wine cellar, its display row is built to accommodate large format bottles. Coastal created label-forward display spaces, so that the bottles are safely cradled in a shelf. These distinct shelves can fit a variety of large sized wines, anywhere from 1.5-liter to 12-liter bottles. There are shelves on both the left and the right side of the cellar that are specifically made for magnum-sized bottles. This kind of racking and shelving is ideal for wine enthusiasts who enjoy collecting an assortment of bottles.

The beautiful cellar has a one-of-a-kind arch above its tabletop area. The arch display is unique, because instead of a visible stemware rack, it has an inset on both its left and right sides. Wine glasses can be hung by their bases, upside down, in these inset spaces. Each side can accommodate up to four glasses. Below the tabletop area are drawers, which are used by the client to keep napkins, corkscrews, and other wine tasting rudiments.

One of the elements that make this Irvine residential wine cellar stand out is its elegant lighting. The client’s storage room is well lit with rich and vibrant colors, but it also has concealed lighting to make the displays look more sophisticated.

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Residential wine cellar owners can choose to store other liquor in their storage room rather than wine. This is a display of the client’s Bourbon collection in his Irvine custom cellar.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars had a very healthy working relationship with the client, and that’s why the outcome of the project is breathtaking! The client’s home was near the main office of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. Thorough planning and effective communication are vital aspects of wine cellar construction. The storage experts had visited the site before the project commenced, in order to take accurate measurements of the room, discuss with the client their various options, present an array of wooden finish samples, etc. Consequently, when they started working on the cellar, every detail of the client’s needs and preferences were met.

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Wine Cellars in Homes Design California – Custom Construction Contractor

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We build wine cellar doors customized uniquely for each client. They are for sale singly or supplied as part of a full wine room construction project. Having said, that this design for a wine cellar contractor construction project in Irvine in Orange County has a wrought iron design that was originally drawn by one of our clients.

Elegant Arched Wine Cellar Door

A wine cellar’s door plays a vital role in keeping the storage room tightly sealed. But besides its functionality, it is also an essential part of a cellar’s aesthetic appeal. A well-designed door can make your home wine cellar more beautiful. In the Irvine residential wine room project, the cellar door was uniquely custom-designed to meet the client’s preference and match the storage room’s style.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars built and installed a wrought iron door with details of grape clusters and vines. The special design, which is called  “The Huntington,” was originally drawn by one of Coastal’s previous clients in Huntington Beach. Many of Coastal’s other clients like the design so much that it has been used a number of times. The Irvine wine cellar door is approximately eighty inches in height, and it has an elegant arch or radius top.

We, at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles of doors for wine rooms. We supply everything for these doors, including the weather stripping, jamb, casement moldings, dual pane glass, and self-sealing door bottom.

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Wine Cellar Doors for Sale – Custom Cellars Construction Contractor

Applying a Lacquer Finish to Enhance the Custom Wine Racking’s Aesthetics

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Redwood used in the construction of the wooden racks and wine storage cases.

The type of wood used in the construction of any wine storage room is important, because it contributes greatly to the durability of the racking. The kind of wood utilized in building the racks also has an effect on the overall aesthetics of the cellar. There are various wood species that are used for wine cellar construction. Among the best varieties are Mahogany, Pine, Redwood, Sapele, and Walnut.

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For the Irvine home wine cellar, the client and the contractor decided to use unfinished Redwood for the wine racking. Redwood is a type of wood that has natural oils preserved in it, which are necessary to protect it from moisture and mildew. This material is a popular choice for aesthetic reasons, such as its soft and natural earth tone color distinctions that develop over time.

Unstained and unfinished Redwood is beautiful by itself, but the client wanted to apply a finish to the material to enhance the wood’s colors and quality. There are four common choices of wood finishes for wine cellars, namely: polyurethane, varnish, shellac, and lacquer. The different types of wood species have different finish compatibilities. Some finishes do not work well with a few types of wood. It is best to consult a wine storage expert on what kind of finish is most appropriate for a wooden wine rack.

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The racks and shelves were custom-designed by the team of cellar construction experts from Coastal.

The team of expert cellar builders from Coastal applied lacquer on the wine room’s racking. Lacquer is a good choice of finish for Redwood, because it provides an intense gloss on the material. Many cellar owners choose lacquer because it is extremely durable and highly resistant to damage. The Irvine residential wine storage room became more vibrant after the application of lacquer. The colors of the Redwood become bolder and more enhanced. The client was very satisfied with the result.

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Best Wine Cellar Construction California Project Story

Convenient Wood Case Shelves and Single Bottle Storage Racks

The client in this Irvine construction project has contributed a lot of ideas for the design of his residential cellar. The healthy brainstorming of suggestions and thoughts is the reason why this home wine room is uniquely fascinating! These brilliantly set up wood case storage shelves, for example, are installed on commercial rollers, which make them more accessible to the client. Instead of bending down to get wines from the shelves, the client can simply slide the case out by pulling them along the rollers.

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LED lighting was installed across the display row.

On the market, there are wood cases that come in various sizes. These commercial shelves can accommodate three bottles, six bottles, and even twelve bottles, depending on the design. In this Irvine residential cellar, the team from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars customized the wooden cases, so that the openings in every box were large enough to store not only standard bottles, but also Oregon Pinots, Shiraz, Turley Zinfandels, champagne bottles, and other large format wines.

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In one of the shelves, the storage builders added a display row that was lined with LED lighting. This display row not only accentuates the cellar’s design but also acts as an efficient bottle management tool. The client can choose to store similar wines above and, in some cases, below the display row. An organized wine cellar is an ideal storage room because the owner will not have difficulty locating specific bottles when he needs them.

Originally, a mini cellar that could hold fifty wine bottles was included in the Irvine residential storage room. It was for storing whites and champagnes because these kinds of wines need to be kept at a temperature a little bit colder than the wine room’s environment. The client gave the mini cellar away, and an empty space was left in the wine room. The team of expert builders from Coastal came per the request of the client, in order to fill the vacant area with another set of single bottle storage racks. This is one of the advantages of hiring Coastal Custom Wine Cellars: the client can choose to have their team of builders modify the setup or design of the storage structure long after the construction of the project is completed.

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A Dependable Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installed

A residential wine cellar will not be complete without a cooling system installed. It is the refrigeration unit that is responsible for providing the cool temperature and adequate humidity that is needed to keep wines safe from spoilage. Different wine rooms have different storage requirements, depending on the size, the number of wines stored, the climate of the location, etc. For the HVAC equipment to sufficiently provide the right temperature and humidity for wine storage, it has to meet the individual requirements of the cellar. A professional wine cooling specialist is capable of determining the most appropriate refrigeration system for any storage room. In the Irvine residential wine cellar project, the cooling experts determined that the best HVAC unit for the area was a ductless split type refrigeration system from Arctic Metalworks Inc.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation California Project
Instead of the usual, wherein the equipment is installed through the wall, the ductless split type refrigeration system is mounted on the wall. The fan coil is inside the residential wine cellar while the condenser is located outside of the house. The advantage of this setup is that hot air is not being exhausted anywhere in the client’s home, and the cooling unit is operating quietly inside the wine room.

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Louvered grill made from Redwood to conceal the wine cellar cooling system.

The evaporator coil is rather mechanical-looking in nature, and it can be an eyesore if it is displayed bare. To conceal the equipment, the team of builders created a beautiful grill box and a louvered grill cover to hide the cooling unit from sight.

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Top Wine Storage Construction Specialist in California – Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

The construction of a wine room, whether for residential or commercial purposes, should be entrusted to an expert contractor. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of California’s leading builders. With more than a decade of experience in building efficient and effective storage spaces, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has consistently provided their clients with high quality services. The company takes pride in unfailingly meeting their customers’ utmost satisfaction.

For more information about Coastal Custom Wine Cellars’ products and services, contact us at +1 (888) 735-8889!

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