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Wine Cellar Designs Orange County California Newport Coast Project Complete

When creating custom wine cellars many different types of rooms are used or considered for the conversion. While unfinished basement rooms are possibly the most common, not every home owner has one available. For some home owners, when no rooms are available, we have converted a space in a garage into a dedicated wine cellar. It just goes to show, when it comes to wine, the truly passionate will always find a way.

Some people will make use of a room that is perfectly sound but simply rarely used. As in this case our clients, Mike and Kim, who were moving from Arizona into a new home in Newport Beach, Orange County, California, had a spare bathroom that they realized, would rarely, if ever, be used.

Their Newport Coast home is situated in the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The bathroom was a pretty standard bathtub shower combination, fully tiled and fitted out. Our job included completely gutting the room, removing the tiles, drywall and fixtures.

As is always the case when building a refrigerated wine cellar, we added special vapor barrier, insulation and moisture proof drywall, ultimately bringing the room back to a clean painted finish.

Wine Cellar Designs Orange County California Newport Coast Project

Density Capacity Wine Cellar Design – 482 Bottles of Wine

The design for this custom wine cellar achieved a total capacity of 482 bottles of wine. Each wall elevation had its own combination of racking. The back wall across from the entry was mostly single bottle storage with a 750ml high reveal display row highlighted with LED wine cellar lighting.

Under the display row, the wine racking included a horizontal display row providing an addition label forward display. This combination created a nice looking display along with the high density racking. Another advantage of the horizontal display is that it allowed for larger bottles up to 1.5 liter or magnums.

The wine racks were elevated 1.5″ off the floor and finished with base molding along with crown molding at the ceiling.

For the right side wall we added a beautiful lattice style arch display area which was also lit with concealed LED lighting. The horizontal display row continued above the arch, the only difference being that it was made larger to cater for a big 3 liter bottle, the clients wanted to feature.

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Custom Wine Cellars Design Drawing Newport Coast California Mike Kim Project

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Under the arch we placed a diamond bin bulk storage area with rectangular areas on either side for wood cases. These are typically referred to as ‘Wood Case Storage Bins’.

We made use of some existing floor tiling which was left over from another project in the home which was ideal for the wine cellar flooring. We also added a feature tiffany lamp for the main wine cellar lighting to give the room a pleasant ambient glow.

Wine Cellar Doors are Purpose Built

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Mike, One Happy Custom Wine Cellar Owner – Newport Coast California

Wine cellar doors are an important component of functioning refrigerated custom wine cellars. In this case we installed a special Barolo style dual pane door. This type of door is specially manufactured to resist warping due to the difference in temperature and humidity inside and outside of the wine cellar. In additional its job is to seal the room to help maintain the efficiency of the cooling unit.

The wine cellar cooling unit itself was a self-contained CellarPro Model 1800. We added a special rear ducting kit to funnel the hot air exhaust directly out of the home.

This residential custom wine room project is a great example of what can be done with a relatively small unused space in a home. If you are tempted to add a feature like this to your home, contact Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and get FREE 3D design Package. Coastal would be happy to create for you a unique custom wine cellar design of your own.

Coastal has design offices on both coasts and through our network of national master wine cellar builders we service the whole U.S. Whether you are in Orange County, California, like the clients in this project, or live on the east coast, we can help you build your ideal wine cellar.

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