Aliso Viejo Custom Residential Wine Cellar’s Key Project Features

  • Aliso Viejo California Custom Residential Wine Cellar's Key FeaturesAll Heart Redwood Wine Racks
  • Bottle Capacity – 1083
  • Premium Redwood Wall Paneling
  • Oak Barrel Countertops – Cooperage Series
  • Split Refrigeration System by Arctic Metal Works
  • Dual Barolo Style Glass Doors – Clear Alder w/ a Rustic stain color/finish
  • Secure Room
  • Stonework
  • Beer on Tap

In this extensive custom wine cellar project we merged the existing family room, and the garage, into one larger area.  As both rooms shared a common wall, this wine cellar itself was created by knocking out a large portion of the wall area to create a big wine storage room than would otherwise not have been possible.

California Wine Cellar Designs Special Features Beer TapsThe wine cellar ended up with a usable area some 9.5’ wide and 8’ deep, a wine room this size can store a lot of wine. In this case well over a thousand bottles.

As part of the project we also renovated the family room, replacing the carpet with stunning wood flooring and added stone around the fireplace and existing windows to create a whole new look to this California home.

We covered the walls of this residential wine cellar with a Premium Redwood tongue and groove wall paneling. We also applied flagstone to the floor and ceiling to complete the effect.

Purpose Built Custom Wine Cellar Doors are a key Component of any Wine Cellar

As this room was to be climate controlled, the entryway door had to provide a complete seal to the room’s environment. Wine cellar doors are usually custom built for this purpose so that the environment can be efficiently maintained over time without problems due to warping or the door losing a complete seal.

The style of the door chosen in this case was dual pane Barolo glass double doors. This choice did a great job of allowing the cellar’s wine display to be visible from every vantage point of the dining and entertainment areas in the home.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Designed for Efficiency and Reliability

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Designed for Efficiency and ReliabilityThe type of cooling system used in this wine cellar project was a ductless split system.  Although commercial grade these types of cooling units make for particularly quiet and efficient home systems.

The evaporator was placed over the entryway doors out of sight and further concealed by an operable, louvered grill cover made of All Heart Redwood, the same material as the wine racking.

The refrigeration system’s evaporator component was installed outside of the home in the yard at the side of the house.  Arctic Metalworks our refrigeration systems specialist was careful to install the right kind of cooling system for this size of room.

To maximize the capacity, and allow for lots of countertop space, we designed the cellar so that the left and right side walls had 27” double deep wine racks on the lower portion of the walls.  Above the countertop the wine racking utilized a single deep, 13.5”, format all the way to the ceiling.

Wine Cellar Design – Special Features

Wine Cellar countertops were custom constructed from 10 year old Napa Valley Oak Wine BarrelsThe countertops were custom constructed from 10 year old Napa Valley Oak Wine Barrels.   This recycled material is typically referred to as Cooperage.  Cooperage is the outside portion of a wine barrel head and its distinct markings identify the original contents of the barrel.

The wall across from the cellar entry was one of three focal points for the wine cellar.  Here we installed dual beer taps connected to a kegorator and draft beer dispenser located in the garage, making this wine cellar the ultimate man cave.

The beer taps were set into an attractive stonework wall feature with the beer tap’s connection on the far side of the wall in the garage. This allowed the beer to be stored out of sight in the garage.

Wine Cellar Security in the Home

The wine cellar itself was designed to be a fully secured room.  This is a common design request in residential wine cellars as often many thousands of dollars of wine are stored for long periods in them.

In this case the owners indicated that it enabled the added ability of making sure the children were not able to partake of the beers when no one was looking!


Cooperage is the outside portion of a wine barrel head

Cooperage Countertops add a Nice Feature to a Wine Cellar’s Design

Wine Cellar Security in the Home Custom Doors

Custom Wine Cellar Doors Designer for Longevity Looks and Security

Getting Started with a 3D Cad based Design

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