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Coastal & Arctic Metalworks Team Up to Provide Wine Cellar Design Expertise & Cooling Systems Service

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Master Wine Cellar Builders and Arctic Metalworks a Wine Room Refrigeration Systems and Maintenance Specialist team up to provide exceptional value to clients. Both residential and commercial wine room displays and storage facilities require a combination of skills to design, construct and maintain a beautiful and yet reliable fully managed environment […] Read more »

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks now available in Black Pearl & Chrome Finishes for Contemporary Wine Cellars

No it’s not a pirate ship!  Black Pearl is one of the new stylish finishes for the Vintage View’s range of contemporary metal wine racks. Along with a Polished Chrome finish, these two exciting new styles are great for very modern looking wine racking and wine cellar designs. These new styles are in addition to the […] Read more »

Custom Wine Cellar Design and the optimal Storage of Red and White Wines

When discussing wine storage temperatures, red wines are almost always the focus of attention. Climate controlled or refrigerated wine cellars whether custom built in a home or designed specifically for commercial settings are usually kept at 57 degrees. The topic of ideal storage temperatures for white wines as well as Champagnes should also be considered. […] Read more »

Library Style Rolling Ladders for Custom Wine Cellar Designs

At Wine Cellars by Coastal our network of National Wine Cellar Builders, are often asked about the possibility of including one or more library style rolling ladders into our custom wine cellar designs Wine Cellar Rolling Ladder Styles & Finishes Wine cellar rolling ladders are available in a wide variety of natural wood variations and […] Read more »

Custom Wine Cellar Construction – Using Premium and or All-Heart Redwood

For the construction of Custom Wine Cellars, Wine Cellar Builders recommend certain types of wood species. The most commonly used are Pine, Mahogany and Redwood. Some wood species such a cedar are inherently unsuitable due to their strong aromatic nature. Others, while workable, are less than optimal in a wine cellar due to the need […] Read more »

How to build a Wine Cellar with Zero Visibility Wine Cellar Cooling

We recently received a telephone inquiry from a client in San Diego California. He wanted to know how we could go about creating a temperature controlled wine cellar with no visible equipment taking up valuable wall or racking space. This is a challenge that often comes up for California wine cellar builders. Even more so […] Read more »

Custom Home & Commercial Wine Cellar Construction Guidelines

Custom Wine Cellars – Insulation: Wine Cellar Refrigeration / Cooling Systems are intended to be installed in wine rooms that are constructed with a vapor barrier, the correct insulation, and dry-walls that are moisture proof. All these factors are designed to create an airtight seal from the external environment outside the wine storage room or […] Read more »

Chatting about the CellarPro 4200 Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Below is a recent chat session with a client in St. Louis Missouri about CellarPro wine cellar cooling units that we though was useful and informative enough for us to share. The nuances of how different refrigeration systems function and need to be installed in a wine cellar can be non-intuitive and even confusing at times. Many […] Read more »

Commercial & Residential Wine Industry Company Listings – Custom Wine Cellars Relevant

As master wine cellar builders and wine display design experts in the process of creating custom wine cellars we often find and work with companies that offer services and products that complement our own which may be of interest to our customers. Below you will find a list we are building of these companies for […] Read more »

Wine Industry Companies – Custom Wine Cellars Relevant – About

As master wine cellar builders and designers of custom wine cellars, we often come across companies that provide products and solutions that may be of particular value to our customers, clients and partners. Typically these are people who have had built or have an interest in custom or commercial wine cellars and displays, commercial wine […] Read more »

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