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Chatting about the CellarPro 4200 Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Brian – Our Proud Custom Wine Cellar Owner St Louis Missouri

Below is a recent chat session with a client in St. Louis Missouri about CellarPro wine cellar cooling units that we though was useful and informative enough for us to share. The nuances of how different refrigeration systems function and need to be installed in a wine cellar can be non-intuitive and even confusing at times.

Many thanks to Brian, a proud custom wine cellar owner & Ben at CellarPro for allowing us to share their conversation!

Ben: Thank you for contacting CellarPro Cooling Systems. My name is Ben. How may I help you today?
Brian: Hi Ben,
Brian: The retailer has sold me a front and back vent kit, but I believe that I only need one or the other. I have not received it yet. I believe it is in the shipping stage. Can you help determine what is really needed? Or, should I call and talk with someone tomorrow?
Ben: I can try to help you, but ultimately I may need to send you back to the retailer.
Brian: I have an 8’X 8’X 8′ cellar with a tempered glass wall on one side in my cool basement. I have bought a Cellarpro 4200. I am planning to attach the unit to the backside of a wall that is in a mechanical room and vent the cool air in and warm air out, but I need to exhaust the warm air to a window only 8 feet away. I do not know if I need a front and rear vent kit since there is a cool air return and an exhaust with either one. Do I really need both?

CellarPro 4200 Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Ben: btw I searched our system for your name but I wasn’t able to find any records – do you have the sales order number?
Ben: Just to make sure we’re on the same page, I’d like to state some basics for how our cooling system works – ok with you?
Brian: It is through Jerry Wilson at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in Orange County, Ca. but I am in St. Louis Missouri
Brian: Sure. OK
Brian: In order to maximize space in the cellar and for aesthetics I thought I would hang the unit out of site on the outside of the cellar wall and duct in/out. Does this work?
Ben: The front of the cooling unit has BOTH exhaust and intake (or supply and return) of cold air into and out of the cellar. Therefore, all the air inside the cellar stays inside the cellar – even the air that is ducted into/out of the cellar, because it’s the same loop.
Ben: The rear of the cooling unit also has both exhaust and intake. It needs cool air to do its job – otherwise, it will overheat and won’t be able to cool your cellar. None of the air at the rear comes from the cellar.
Ben: So far so good?
Brian: Yes

Ben Argov co-owner of the wine cooling systems manufacturer CellarPro

Ben: So, if you want to put the cooling unit OUTSIDE the cellar, you’ll need the front duct kit, along with two ducts – one for exhaust and one for intake. This is a great setup because it creates room inside the cellar. Lots of times, customers will pair the front duct kit with our remote control display so that they can read the display and control the cooling unit from inside the cellar or in a more accessible location.
Ben: In addition,
Ben: if the mechanical room isn’t big enough to dissipate the hot air from the cooling unit, you’ll need to evacuate the hot air produced by the cooling unit, and/or bring cool air to the cooling unit from another location. Hence the need for the rear duct kit.
Brian: I did order the remote control display.
Ben: I’ll pause here and let you catch up…. Do you have any questions?
Brian: So it sounds like I do in fact need both.
Ben: So it seems, based on the little bit that you’ve told me. But Jerry would know for sure – and he’s very knowledgeable, so I think you’re in good hands.
Brian: Thanks. I appreciate the support. Have a great night!
Ben: You bet. Thanks for chatting!

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