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Wine Industry Companies – Custom Wine Cellars Relevant – About

As master wine cellar builders and designers of custom wine cellars, we often come across companies that provide products and solutions that may be of particular value to our customers, clients and partners. Typically these are people who have had built or have an interest in custom or commercial wine cellars and displays, commercial wine racks, and or simply enjoy fine wines. We are constantly asked if we can provide a list or set of recommendations. To get that process going we have started to upload relevant Custom Wine Cellars Related Company Listings here.

Our criteria for listing companies on our Custom Wine Cellars Related Company Listings page is that in our opinion we believe the business to be related and add value to some aspect of the wine industry and therefore potentially of interest to wine collectors, and people in businesses related to the wine industry.

If you would like to have your business listed, with a link to your site simply email your request to and put “Coastal Custom Wine Cellars – Wine Industry Company Listings” in the title, don’t forget to include a link to your website! We reserve the right to refuse or accept a listing request at our discretion.

Disclaimer – Custom Wine Cellars Relevant Listings

The companies listed on the “Custom Wine Cellars Relevant – Wine Lovers Business Listings” page are a range of companies that we think are interesting, possibly do business with, or they have been recommended to us by someone else. The fact that we have listed these companies should not be interpreted as a business or personal recommendation. The companies are listed for your information and as a way for us to share our knowledge with you.

Coastal may or may not have a commercial financial relationship with these businesses. Coastal may or may not receive affiliate payments, should you follow a link and ultimately purchase a service or products from them. We can state that should there be a relationship affiliate or otherwise, that relationship will in no way affect the pricing you receive from that business.