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Wine Cellar Builders Custom Wine Cellars Wine Rack Opening Sizes

While a Custom Wine Cellar by definition can be anything and any size you want it to be, there are standard size bottle opening that we as experienced wine cellar builders tend to use. Below you will see an illustration of the various types of openings to be found and the specific sizes we usually manufacture them to.

The 750ml wine rack opening for example is the standard we use for both kit wine racks as well as custom wine cellars. This is true for all applications whether it be for a residential or a commercial wine storage areas. This specific sizing, 3 3/4″, being the optimal for storage density and ability to accommodate the widest range of bottle formats. Not all racks by all manufactures are made to this size, so be sure to check the specific sizing of any racks you may be considering before purchasing.

Other sizes include “splits” for half bottles, “Champagne” & “Magnum” openings as well as “Double Magnum” and “Diamond Bulk Storage Bin” openings.

Standard size wine bottle openings in Custom Wine Cellars Wine Racks Openings?

If you have any questions or would like to consult with a professional wine cellar designer simple call TOLL FREE +1 (888) 735-8889 or complete a Custom Wine Cellar Design request form and we will be happy to help.