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Custom Wine Cellar Design and the optimal Storage of Red and White Wines

Storing and Aging White Wines Custom Wine Cellar Designs Helpful TipsWhen discussing wine storage temperatures, red wines are almost always the focus of attention. Climate controlled or refrigerated wine cellars whether custom built in a home or designed specifically for commercial settings are usually kept at 57 degrees.

The topic of ideal storage temperatures for white wines as well as Champagnes should also be considered.

If your wine collection typically consists around 50 bottles there are numerous mini cellars, usually described as wine refrigerators or wine cabinets.  Many of these products offer dual zone temperature control.  To create two temperature zones for the larger environment of a custom wine cellar is sometimes done but the process can be quite costly.  A dual temperature zone wine cellar design needs to be carefully planned and usually only makes sense in the very largest of wine cellars.

Generally speaking most people tend to consume whites fairly quickly, as against storing them for a long period; however a serious wine collector will want to look after their collection of whites and rosé wines just as diligently.

Storing and Aging White Wines in a Wine Cellar – Helpful Tips

Wine Cellars by Coastal Optimal Wine Serving Temperatures

In most cases, red wines are served at a temperature cooler than room temperature and white wines are ideally served chilled.  Should wines are served too warm they have a tendency to taste top-heavy.  When wines are served too cold the natural flavor and bouquets can be hidden.  To serve your wines just the right temperature, this table may be of help.

Ideally one would store white and sparkling wines at 45-50°F degrees, conveniently keeping them close to serving temperature of a recommended 48°F. However, as you will probably be storing red and white wine together in a wine cellar, a cool 55°F is a happy medium that will safely accommodate both types of wine for long term storage.

Another way to keep whites even cooler and closer to serving temperature is to store your whites near the bottom of your wine racks.  As warmer air rises, it is a fact that the temperatures near the floor will be cooler than the temperature near the ceiling.  Depending on circumstances of your wine cellar, you will typically see a 4-6F degree difference from top to bottom.

The installation of an appropriate wine cellar refrigeration system is implicit in the above article.  Click here to learn more about wine cellar cooling systems.