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Library Style Rolling Ladders for Custom Wine Cellar Designs

At Wine Cellars by Coastal our network of National Wine Cellar Builders, are often asked about the possibility of including one or more library style rolling ladders into our custom wine cellar designs

Wine Cellar Rolling Ladder Styles & Finishes

Commercial Custom Wine Cellars, Design in Library Style Rolling Ladders

Wine cellar rolling ladders are available in a wide variety of natural wood variations and with our aluminum ladders there is an extensive selection of very modern looking metallic finishes.

Typically ladders are included in a wine cellar when the wine racks reach a height that most of us cannot access.  Almost always, anytime a wine cellar is over 8′, a rolling ladder is a great addition.  At this height, at the very least, a step ladder would be needed to access the wine anyway.

Ladders include options for flush and extended handrails, wheel housings styles, finishes of matte, gloss or satin and upper assembly. The upper assembly means the ladder can be affixed to the track or the ladder could have a hook assembly so that it can be moved or stored manually.  All the ladders include no scuff wheels and roll equally well on wood, tile, stone, or slate surfaces.

Some of our wine cellar designs include special recesses where the ladder can be stored when not in use.  Wine cellar ladders are great for installations in both commercial and residential projects including:

  • Home Custom Wine Cellars
  • Commercial Wine Cellars
  • Fine Wine Stores
  • Office and Retail Wine Displays
  • Restaurants & Wine Bars
  • Hospitality Wine Tasting Rooms & Hotels Generally

Residential Custom Wine Cellars, Design in Library Style Rolling Ladders

Check out these Newly Constructed Wine Cellars Created to Include Rolling Ladders

Rolling ladders are a great addition to a lot of wine cellars, especially where the room has wine racking that extends all the way to a high ceiling. Racking all the way to a ceiling and adding a ladder is a good way to gain additional capacity in a residential wine room design, whilst at the same time making the inventory easily accessible.

Rolling ladders are easy to install, relatively inexpensive and most importantly, can add a dramatic blend of style and function to your wine cellar.

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