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Interesting Offshore Custom Wine Cellar Design Newport Coast Beach California

Custom Wine Cellar Design Features

California Offshore Custom Wine Cellars Newport Coast Project

California Offshore Custom Wine Cellars Newport Coast Project

A recently completed custom wine cellars Newport Coast Beach California project features wine rack styles that provide as much open space as possible, to showcase portions of the wine cellar’s stunning brick veneer back wall (which can be viewed from the outside through the seamless glass walls and entryway).  Barrel staves made from reclaimed Napa Valley oak wine barrels were used as the flooring material to complement the rustic appearance of the room.

A large storage room adjacent to the formal dining area was converted into a climate controlled wine cellar space that measured 11’ x 8’ x 9.5’ and held a total capacity of 1692 wine bottles.  Wine cellar installers demolished a large portion of the interior wall shared by the dining room and the storage room to create a spacious wine enclave for the client’s wine collectibles.

A complimentary three dimensional design package that details various custom wine cellar design features, such as the dimensions, different elevations, base and crown molding detail and total bottle capacity, was presented to the client.  After a few design revisions, the project went underway in July and was completed in September 2013.

Wine Storage Racks with Display Row

Single bottle storage racks with a high reveal display row went around the length of the wine cellar.  Display columns with high reveal allow for full visibility and easy identification of wine labels.  This racking system is an excellent management tool for storing wines above and below.

To add to the aesthetic appeal of the wine room from the outside, wine cellar installers from Wine Cellars by Coastal placed label forward displays near glass walls.  This storage solution allows for the horizontal storage of the wine bottles and the easy perusal of the wine labels.

Custom Wine Rack Design Newport Coast Beach CA

Custom Wine Rack Design Newport Coast Beach CA

Wine rack bottle openings are 3 3/4′ x 3 3/4′ thick and can accommodate standard 750 ml wine bottles.  All wine racking features a 4 inch toe-kick that elevates it a few inches off the floor, which protects bottles from damage.  LED lighting was provided to highlight bottles of wine that are on display.

The wall directly facing the glass entry features a tabletop area and half-diamond bin components.  Half-diamond wine bins are ideal for storing wines in bulk.  The large openings partially expose the stunning brick veneer wall surface along with the herringbone masonry brick design.  2 rectangular openings underneath the tabletop counter provide additional label forward slots for large format bottles, such as magnums.

To lend a unique personality and timeless feel to the custom wine cellar design, reclaimed barrel staves from Napa Valley were used as flooring material.  Barrel staves are the narrow strips of wood that make up the side of the barrel.

Wine Cellar Entryway – Herculite Door

Herculite Wine Cellar Door for a Stunning Wine Cellar Design

Herculite Wine Cellar Door for a Stunning Wine Cellar Design

Wine cellar installers used a half-inch, clear glass Herculite door for this custom wine cellars Newport Coast Beach California project.  This frameless glass door provides a clear and unobstructed view of the wine room’s brick veneer walls and ceiling, racking presentation, and retired oak barrel flooring.  Constructed from thick and sturdy glass materials, Herculite entrance door systems are designed to endure heavy impact.

The cooling system used for this wine cellar project was an Arctic Aire Split System that was built and installed by Arctic Metalworks.  A split system consists of an evaporator unit, which is installed inside the storage room, and a condenser which is placed in a remote location.  This setup allows for a noise-free wine cellar environment.

To keep the evaporator unit hidden from plain sight, it is concealed by an operable louvered grill cover, constructed from the same wood material as the racking system.  The louvered cover panel is on a hinge to allow for ease of maintenance or service access.

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