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Wine Cellar Projects by Coastal – Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey NJ and New York NY

Anyone and everyone who is passionate about collecting wines desires to have their own wine storage space, where their liquid investments can age to perfection.  A custom wine cellar space comes in many forms, styles, and sizes.  The differences may be due to the amount clients are willing to spend on the project, their design preferences, and the available space.

Seldom used areas in a home, such as a garage, basement space, or a small closet, can be converted into wine enclaves.  Having limited space or budget should not deter any wine enthusiast from installing a private wine room in the comfort of their home.  This custom wine cellars New Jersey NJ conversion project by Coastal shows how a small room can be transformed into an elegant wine cellar.

Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey NJ Project

Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey NJ Project

The overall design of a wine cellar is determined by the size of the storage area.  This small room in Short Hills, New Jersey has a depth of 152 inches and a width of 53 inches.  The builders only utilized one side of the room for the racking systems, to allow for more space to maneuver.

In order to maximize storage space, Coastal installed a combination of single bottle storage racks and diamond bins.  A single bottle storage rack can hold all standard sized bottles, and features a high reveal display row that allows the collector to display his finest wine labels.  Diamond bins were integrated at the bottom, to accommodate a large number of wine bottles in different formats.

A tabletop with additional storage for split bottles was installed at the back wall.  The client went with unfinished Premium Redwood as the material of choice for his custom wine racks New Jersey NJ.  This wood specie comes in a variety of shades, ranging from white to pink and red to reddish brown.  It has an innate beauty that can bring elegance to a wine room, no matter what size or shape.

South Salem Custom Wine Cellars New York NY Project

South Salem Custom Wine Cellars New York NY Project

Another small wine room conversion by Coastal was in South Salem, New York.  This custom wine cellars New York NJ project has a total storage capacity of 828 wine bottles.  In order to stay within the budget, Coastal used a mix of custom and semi-custom wine racks.  Both sides of the wall feature mirror image racking of diamond bins and single bottle racks with a display row that allows full visibility of the wine labels.

The designers added a tabletop for serving and presenting wines.  For additional storage, rectangular bins were installed underneath for case lots.  All custom wine racks New York NY are made from Premium Redwood.  This wood variety is ideal for wine cellar use because of its natural resistance to decay.  It also has beautiful toning that can enhance any living space.

A wine cellar space is not only a place for storing wines, but also serve as venue for wine tasting parties.  Hence, it is important to create a storage environment that is ideal for aging wines and entertaining guests.  Take for example this custom wine cellars New York NY project that exudes a combination of functionality and aesthetic quality.

Aside from the tasteful All Heart Redwood wine storage and display racks, the wine room also features a wine tasting table that complements the overall design.  To accentuate certain areas and add a dramatic effect to the wine room, LED based lighting valances were installed to create the desired atmosphere.  LED based bulbs are recommended because, unlike regular light bulbs, they have low heat emissions and are energy efficient.

For the entryway door, the builders installed a dual, Barolo style wine cellar door that features double pane glass, which will help maintain the ideal wine storage conditions.

Custom Wine Racks New Jersey NJ - Freehold, NJ

Custom Wine Racks New Jersey NJ – Freehold, NJ

Coastal also embarked on a wine room upgrade project in Freehold, New Jersey.  This custom wine cellars New Jersey NJ project combined stonework and tonal redwood racking systems, to create a storage space that doubles as a wine storage room and entertainment area.  The visually appealing color variations of Premium Redwood complement the earthy tones of stone designs.

The original wine cellar project was mainly intended to be a storage space that could accommodate up to 1,247 wine bottles.  The client decided to upgrade the basic storage area into a glass encased showroom where he can proudly display his wine collectibles, as well as host wine tasting parties.  To accessorize the wine room, the client added a wine tasting table that matches the exquisite tones of the interior.

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